Officer elections

Members were notified in August that officers terms are up. There was a 30 day time period to accept nominations which was closed on Sept 26.  Additional emails went out with a list of the nominees and notification that any elections would be held at the regular monthly meeting on Oct 12 , 2016. As it stands, there were no opposing nominations for president, vice president, or secretary. There will be an election for treasurer. All members in good standing were notified via email and have a right to vote. We hope to see everyone there.

Results will be updated HERE after the meeting.

Congratulations to the officers . The nominees ran unopposed except for the treasurer position.
The term of officers is 3 years.
President : Ron Faraday
Vice President : Julio Caprari
Treasurer: Kristine Hejnicki
Secretary: Vincent Langdon III

*Update- as of Dec 2016 , Kristine and Vincent resigned. These offices are vacant and plans to fill them by the new year are being determined by the board of directors per by law guidelines.


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