Historic Artifacts display at JK Holly’s

May 21 ( Saturday) Historic Artifacts display at JK Holly’s (48 S. Main St. Pittston) 10 am – 6 pm Join the Greater Pittston Historical Society, the Dial Rock Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Frances Dorrance Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology for a public display of many interesting historical artifacts from ancient items found on archaeological digs to more recent history that will invoke memories of nostalgia. Be sure to stop by, have a cup of tea , and visit with one of the GPHS members who will be on hand throughout the day!
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  1. Is this something you could help me with?
    I am from St.Cloud, MN
    My husband and I were at an auction in a nearby town and bought an old trunk to repurpose
    there was no key so I ordered a replacement key
    When I finally got the trunk open it, there was a families treasures and memories inside (family pictures, newpaper article, post cards, geneology research, etc.)
    I have spent considerable time attempting to track down the family who originally owned the trunk, the trunk was owned by Mabel D. Stark who lived/owned a house at 103 Exeter in West Pittston
    Mabel was a widow and her husband was Edgar Ward Stark, died in 1928 at the age of 60
    They had 3 children
    1) John D. Stark who died in 1818 at the age of 20 in France and was a war hero (American Legion Post was named after him)
    2) Edgar N. Stark who was born in 1893, Married Ethel D. born in 1898 and they had two sons that I know of named John D. Stark (named after his uncle and others) born in 1928 and Edgar Newell Stark Jr. born in 1931
    3) Georgia M. (Mosier) Stark born in 1898, Married John S. Graham also of P.A., born 1893
    John died young so there are no descendants from him
    Mabel (Stark) and John Graham had NO children and moved to St.Cloud, MN and are both buried at Fort Snelling Military Cemetery
    Mabel’s son Edgar and his family lived with his mother Mabel for years in her house at 103 Exeter for years…
    Mabel D. Stark in her later years came to St.Cloud to be taken care of by her daughter Georgia where Mabel died in 1958
    Georgia inherited the trunk Mabel moved in with and it’s contents
    Mabel was sent back to P.A. to be buried at Sunnyside Cemetery
    Georgia’s will states her estate was sold and paid for her funeral with a few trinket items given to a friend and her husband side (Graham) of the family
    The friend received a marble top table and the trunk even though the table was the only item mentioned in the will, Loraine Schabel and most likely help in settling her property along with the attorneys
    I purchased the trunk form the Loraine Schabel Estate (No children)
    Georgia as far as i have found never sent anything to the Stark side of the family including her brother Edgar N. Stark
    The Stark family is very rich in history but the more current the research, the harder it is to find information including the Daughters of the American Revolution
    Because two of Mabel’s children had no children they only other person I can search is Edgar
    I have searched and haven’t found any proof on any current Stark leading back to Mabel D. Stark
    everyone I have called or E Mailed so far doesn’t think they’re related
    Is there a possibility of you mentioning this story to your members and see if we together can find something out?
    I would love to be able to return these artifacts to their rightful heirs
    If someone found something that belonged to my ancestors I would be thrilled to receive it
    my E Mail is below so if any one wants to contact me, thanks!!!!!

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