The Greater Pittston Historical Society is currently located in the lower level of the Pittston Memorial Library.
We do not have office hours at this time but are available by appointment if need.

Greater Pittston Historical Society
Address: 47 Broad Street, Pittston, PA 18640
Phone: (570) 654-9565 EXT.27

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  • PLEASE NOTE – We are building a data base. It takes time and volunteers, which we are short on.  Our information is not yet set up to do family names, surnames, or genealogy searches nor do we have the man power or resources to invest in researching this information. For family searches please refer to
    Northeast Pennsylvanian Geneaological society  :   689 Main Rd, Hanover, PA 18706,  (570) 829-1765

Meetings are usually held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at rotating locations around Pittston. Please email ahead of time to check if there is a meeting and where. Thank you!


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